Dragon's egg - Transparent resin


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Dragons in Norse Mythology

Contrary to what people say, dragons are extremely present among the Vikings, they are the object of legends, deities and simply fascination! For example, Viking ships represent dragons, they are called "Drakkars".

Moreover, the most popular dragons in science fiction are inspired by the dragons as described in Viking stories. We're talking about big, huge creatures with fangs, wings and fire-breathers! The perfect description of Smaug the terrible! Nothing to do with Asian dragons for example.

Choose your dragon baby

We designed 4 dragon egg models and found it interesting to name them after the 4 elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Depending on your preferences, select the element that best suits you.

We place honour at the heart of our project, it is an essential value in the development of a man, but which is too much put aside today.

With a little luck and care, the mighty lava dragon will appear in this world from the egg. Most people leave the egg on display in a living room, but it can follow you in your bag to accompany you in your daily life.

Careful work

For the production of these dragon eggs, we wanted to use resistant materials while keeping an impressive level of detail. That's why we work with a high quality transparent resin. The result is a very satisfying egg that will decorate your home and withstand a few shocks.

An egg is supplied with a plastic base with light. Turn off the light and immerse yourself in a dragon-like atmosphere worthy of Game Of Thrones or The Hobbit. Fans of fantasy fiction will be delighted.

Important information

When you place your order, you will receive your new collector's item within ten days. An egg is 8 cm high, you can put it on the base of your choice, but we provide you with a luminous plastic base.

This piece is entirely handmade, the baby dragon in the egg is made of polymer clay and sleeps in epoxy resin. Every part of his little feet, wings, head, tail is worked with incredible skill and detail.


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