Necklace Mjolnir Thor's Hammer

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The Viking Necklace Mjolnir Hammer of Thor, the famous god of thunder.

This Viking necklace has the effigy of the famous hammer of Thor which bears the name of Mjolnir . It is said that only a person worthy enough can find the strength to lift this hammer. Thor uses it to defeat his enemies, he controls lightning with his hammer and can send it anywhere he wants. A more practical weapon.

By wearing this necklace around your neck, you must make sure you are worthy of representing such a symbol of power.

  • 316L stainless steel: corrosion resistant and durable
  • No hindrance
  • Careful detailing
  • Chain length: 50, 70cm
  • Delivered in its wooden box

To continue in the Nordic mythology, the talisman of runic protection will accompany you throughout your life.

Otherwise you will find several Viking necklaces by continuing your visit on our online jewellery store

And other jewels which will surely please you. Hail to Thor!

Thor has a big hammer, and he's given it a pet name!

Mjolnir is the pet name of thor's hammer. Elegant, isn't it?

Let's start by recalling who Thor is, if you haven't read his own sheet here is a summary:

Emblem of Norse mythology, Thor god of Thunder, son of Odin! Thor is also heir to the throne of Asgard (mythical city of the Aesir). This makes him a very powerful deity.

He embodies divine anger, strength, vengeance! The northern storms are said to be Thor's will. Vikings would often shout "Let Thor unleash his wrath" before going to cut up some insolent enemies ...

This tall blond guy is known for having class, and to do so he has a godlike body ... That's a bit easy! He has a BIG hammer that only he can carry and wield.

And that's the one we're talking about today.

So it's simple, Mjolnir is a symbol of destruction so much so that its power is no longer to be proven. It was forged by dwarves, well not just any dwarves! If you saw Avengers end game, you know what I'm talking about! I didn't understand it all, but basically Loki and Thor were having fun telling the dwarves that they couldn't make a mentally ill weapon, and then they did! And as a result Thor has the baddest hammer in history!

A weapon of mass destruction!

Designed with magical metal (no less) it can retain enchantments! You can only carry it if you're worthy, and since Odin is totally megalomaniacal, he considers only his son Thor worthy ... In other words, no one can lift it except the blond boy.

Hammer YES! But BOOMERANG too. It always comes back to its bearer, so it's pretty handy for not losing it!

And since that's never enough, Thor uses Mjolnir to control the weather. That is, lightning! You might as well not mess with him if you don't want to get a year's worth of electricity in Las Vegas in a matter of seconds.

On Odin's Hall we have a bunch of jewellery paying homage to Mjolnir. Pick the one that fits you best. And watch out for the juice kicks!

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