Giant Golden Wolf Necklace - Fenrir

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L'incarnation du danger

Fenrir, the giant wolf son of the giantess Angrboda and Loki, has managed to take a prominent place in his family, something that was not to be expected. He is, however, the brother of the mistress of the dead and a giant snake. His threat was so great that the gods wanted to chain him up quickly. But Fenrir's titanic strength broke the first two bonds without a care in the world. It was only after the third attempt that they succeeded. Tyr lost an arm, however. On the day of Ragnarök, Fenrir will be freed and will take revenge on Odin, whom he will swallow before being killed by Vidar.

Des valeurs fortes

To wear Fenrir around your neck is to assume your choices, to assume who you are. Fenrir embodies power and determination. This style is that of Norse mythology, an incredible world full of gods, legends and creatures, but which above all conveys a message and a strong culture. We place the values of Viking culture at the centre of our project, we want everyone to be able to take an interest in this wonderful world and express their passion without embarrassment. Beyond Nordic mythology, we must not forget that the wolf is a dangerous creature and synonymous with freedom since the dawn of time, acting in packs and leaving no room for chance.

L'acier 316L et sa confection

We wanted to use 316L steel for the manufacture of this collar, an alloy mixing iron and carbon, to guarantee a solidity and a durability in time. For practical reasons, we thought it was essential that this collar could be used in water, no worries there, 316L steel is stainless, no corrosion is possible. Of course, no skin problems or allergies. We have taken care to use a hypoallergenic material, with a low nickel content, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The chain is 60 cm long and the whole thing weighs about 45 g.

Un packaging unique

At Odin's Hall, we put the customer experience at the heart of our business, which is why we provide a small Viking pouch with this necklace to give you a unique experience. We work with Colissimo, to ensure secure delivery with online tracking. You will receive your jewel between 8 and 10 days after ordering. If you want to continue browsing, we recommend the "Jörmungand" Snake Necklace to enhance your style!


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Giant Golden Wolf Necklace - Fenrir
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