Viking King Necklace - Symbol of Thor's power

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Discover this Viking King Necklace symbolizing the power of Thor.

Thor is the famous god with the destructive hammer (yeah, he destroys everything in his path). Here is a necklace symbolizing his power and his strength. Not only you find in pendant the hammer Mjolnir of Thor, but also this one is raised by two dragons' mouths. What to have a very Badass style!

  • 316L stainless steel: corrosion resistant and durable
  • No hindrance
  • Careful details
  • Chain length: 50, 70cm
  • Delivered in its wooden box

Discover also the torment necklace of Loki, famous brother of Thor, who is nicknamed the god of Malice, so much his tricks and cunning are known and feared.

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    Thor, the god of thunder who needs no introduction!

    Emblematic of Norse mythology, Thor appears today in numerous fictions. Each production appropriating Thor and his story. It is now difficult to know the legend surrounding this god with any accuracy.

    So, Thor god of thunder, son of Odin! That's for sure. But what about his mother? Some say it was Jord, the goddess of the Earth. Others say his mother is a giantess. But if you like Marvel, we can stick with a little blonde with a lot of wisdom and character who cracked Odin.

    Ah, it's important to note that Thor is the heir to the throne of Asgard (mythical city of the Aesir). This makes him a very powerful, highly respected deity inspiring fear at times.

    In his most common form he is depicted as an old and tall man with a big dark coat.

    He embodies divine anger, strength, vengeance! The northern storms are said to be the will of Thor. Vikings often shouted "Let Thor unleash his wrath" before going to cut up some insolent foes.

    Thor's most popular Stuff!"

    This tall blond guy is known for being classy, and to do so he has a god-like body... That's a bit easy! He has a BIG hammer that only he can carry and wield. Which incidentally throws lightning to make it clear to everyone that he is the DJ of the evening! And his toy has a name: ☛ Mjollnir

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    Viking King Necklace - Symbol of Thor's power
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