Adjustable Leather Strap - Valknut® Symbol

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Discover the Adjustable Leather Bracelet representing the Valknut symbol.

This model is one of the most popular of our Nordic jewellery. And at the same time, it is normal, it carries a legendary viking symbol, the Valknut.

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The Valknut, even today we are not sure of its meaning because there are dozens of them. However, we are sure of the quality of our bracelet. We let you make your own theory about its meaning. You can find the different meanings on our blog post.

You can also go to the descriptions tab on this page to get a summary of the Valknut symbol.

  • Materials: Natural Leather & Zinc Alloy
  • Length: 25 cm (Adjustable between 18 and 22cm)
  • Width: 3,6cm
  • Warning: Do not expose to water
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Limited quantity available

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The Valknut Sign, Symbols & Legends

So for those who have forgotten, these three triangles are not just a tattoo for bloody bearded men. Sorry if you recognize yourself!

The Valknut is The Viking war symbol, it was on shields, standards, toilet wall, its inventor is a not too famous guy. It's Odin ... A cyclops with raven wings! Don't look for him, nobody knows him!

This symbol is not just an outburst of violence. In fact, there are three triangles:

  • War
  • Wisdom
  • Poetry

The three together thus form the Valknut. A word in 2 parts "VALR" meaning fallen and "KNUT" meaning together or knot depending on the translation.

The Valknut Symbol and the giants

There is a connection between a well-known giant and the Valknut symbol, so much so that some say that Odin may not be the originator of the symbol.

In fact the giant Hrungnir is said to have a heart with a very peculiar shape, it is said to be all hard with 3 protruding horns resembling the symbol Valknut. So ... Legend has it that these three horns are only connected to Valknut after 6 pints of mead.

An Emblem for fans of Norse Mythology

You will find in our shop several jewels with this symbol, indeed when you see the number of people who have it in tattoo. It was an obvious choice for us to ask the smith to make pieces with the three triangles.

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