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Discover this Dragon Bracelet, this legendary animal that was part of the Nordic mythology.

An accessory that once on your wrist will show your fierce side every day.

In the Nordic mythology we find many dragons having a capital importance for example Nidhogg the serpent of the tree of life.

  • 316L stainless steel: corrosion resistant and durable
  • No hassle
  • Careful details
  • Strong clasp
  • Size: 21, 23cm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Comes in a wooden box

Have you ever heard of Viking runes? It's a fascinating subject. So we decided to propose the "Power of incantation" bracelet available in 3 colours.

And in addition to this one, we propose a lot of nordic bracelets, you will find yours.

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I thought I heard people say that dragons were not present in Norse Mythology. I'm sorry? What am I hearing?

Vikings love dragons

Contrary to what people say, dragons are extremely present among the Vikings, they are the object of legends, deities and simply fascination!

In fact the most popular dragons in science fiction are inspired by dragons as described in Viking stories. We're talking about big, huge creatures with fangs, wings and fire breathers! The perfect description of Smaug the terrible!

Nothing to do with Asian dragons for example.

What is a Drakkar?

Actually dear visitor, a drakkar is a boat that is shaped like a dragon. For Drakkar in Old Norse means dragon. Did you already know that? Ok great, that's very arrogant.

The Vikings to scare the shit out of their enemies adopted the dragon symbol and slapped it on all their ships. So they are known to be pro drakkar sailors.

A little note though, Vikings don't call their ships that. It was just Viking fans who democratized the term.

Famous Viking dragons

Nidhogg is a snake dragon that lives below the Tree of Life Yggdrasil, he feeds on the tree's roots. This makes him a dragon that is referred to as a "Devourer". The Vikings say that it is better to avoid bothering the beast! Nidhogg plays a very important destructive role during the Ragnarök.

Jormungandr is also a beautiful creature, we're talking about a giant snake here, but well, between giant snake and dragon there is only one step! He is simply the son of the god Loki and his giant mother Angrbroda. Two charming and good people, aren't they?

Fafnir a rather imposing creature who was a dwarf son of King Hreidmar. It's a magic ring made by a dwarf wizard that would have turned him into a dragon! It is not commonplace. He will meet a terrible end, killed by Sigurd, one of the so-called sons of Ragnar Lodbrok! This one would have inspired J.R.R Tolkien for the description of Smaug.

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