Bracelet "Jörmungand's Wrath" - GOLD version

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Here is our beautiful Viking Bracelet Jörmungand's Wrath made of gold colored stainless steel.

This bracelet represents the Giant Snake Jörmungand, one of the sons of the god of mischief Loki. This makes him the brother of the giant wolf Fenrir, we are not on an ordinary family.

The mouth of the snake serves as a clasp, by folding the mouth of the snake on the other end of the bracelet, it will then be attached to your wrist. The symbol of the Ouroboros can then be seen, which is a snake biting its tail, representing infinity.

Each link is intended to remind you of the Viking in you

  • 316L stainless steel: corrosion resistant and durable
  • No hassle
  • Meticulous details
  • Strong clasp
  • Lengths: 19-21-23 cm
  • Delivered in its wooden box

Discover this snake bracelet - Jormungand if you don't like the color of it.

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The ouroboros symbol of eternity

This sign right here, you can't miss it. It's so cool! A snake or dragon biting its own tail. I'm repeating myself, but this is THE Viking tattoo that rocks the most.

Besides I have a joke about it:

It's a dragon stepping on a Viking's foot.

And the Viking says to him, "Well! You're not short of breath!"

Those who have the reference I love you, tell me in comments. That is, if there's a comment section.

Back to our dragons, the word Ouroboros is no accident. It's from the Greek, "Oura" meaning "Tail" and "Boros" meaning "Eat". It's not just a Nordic symbol, it's found just about everywhere, among the Egyptians, the Mayans ... the Marseillais, if even there! You'll find it on the arm of some people going around the world.

Bref all the world

Bref everyone loves it, and that's normal! It represents the passing of time, the infinity of the universe, eternity ... We are finally few things ...

A Symbol of Protection

Do you know Jörmungand? If you're a real Viking yes. It's a huge snake! In Norse mythology, this snake encircles the world and bites its tail to hold it all together.

From this legend comes the belief that the ouroboros protects the wearer. Go course add to cart one of our creations with the ouroboros.

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