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Here is the Yggdrasil ring in stainless steel.

Yggdrasil was the tree of the 9 worlds thanks to which the balance between them was maintained. It is the equivalent of our universe.

In everyday life the tree of life is given many symbolic meanings, which makes it very popular, for example:

** Growth - Balance - Stability - Insight - Regeneration **

It is for these interpretations that the symbol is often a tattoo that people choose. However, wearing it on a piece of jewelry also does the trick!
  • No embarrassment
  • Careful details
  • Stainless steel

Important Notes:

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  2. - This ring is outside of our normal logistic circuit, so delivery times vary from 7 to 15 days. According to its success, it will join our classic logistics.

I let you discover the famous wolf ring in stainless steel, one of our most popular rings.

As well as our other rings of Vikings, there is for everyone.

and our other jewels. Go a+ the viking !

The tree of life, a symbol that became popular

A huge tree, with incredible powers, it is the heart of the world. The story of such a tree comes up very often, in many legends and myths. Tree of life for some and Yggdrasil for the Vikings.

In Norse mythology it is a huge ash tree anchoring itself to the earth with three great roots allowing it to connect the three worlds Asgard, Midgard and Niflheim.

Odin when transformed into a raven is said to spend his day atop Yggdrasil to contemplate the world of men. Making a prayer at the foot of the tree would be the best way to see it come true.

For others, Yggdrasil is nothing more than Earth. We live on Yggdrasil!

Warning though, it is also a warning button for the end of the world. The tree will shake just before the Ragnarök.

My dear bearded friends, if you want a tattoo that gives you a sensitive and eco-friendly side, Yggdrasil seems a good choice!

The dark side of the force

So it's all very nice, but what about it really? It's a nice symbol we just described. But you have to bear in mind that with this idea, every slightly larger than average tree became a sacred place for all sorts of rituals.

The Norse custom of hanging one's sacrificial victims on trees is said to have come from a ritual orchestrated at the foot of the sacred tree Yggdrasil. But don't panic, it's to appease the gods.

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