Viking wolf head ring - stainless steel


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Discover the Viking wolf head ring in stainless steel.

The wolf is a symbol of freedom and bestial power! This makes it a very popular animal that people like to wear as a tattoo, on a piece of clothing or as in this case on a piece of jewellery.

In the Nordic mythology, the wolf is also very present, we will find for example Fenrir the giant wolf son of Loki who will make devastations during Ranarok. But also Skool and Hati the guardians of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

  • 316L stainless steel: corrosion resistant and durable
  • No hindrance
  • Careful details
  • Comes in a viking bag

Important Notes:

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  2. The reviews on this product page are from an older model

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    A wolf that won't just eat Little Red Riding Hood!

    This rather peculiar wolf is the offspring of the giant Angrboda and Loki (god of bastardy). Fenrir is therefore a magnificent and incredible Giant Wolf


    He has managed to take up all the room in the family while his sister is still the mistress of the world of the dead and his brother is a giant snake. All because Fenrir is foretold in a prophecy as the one who will slay us all in the Ragnarök.

    The String Family

    So while Fenrir is having his teenage meltdown, the Aesir (So Odin's people living in Asgard) decided to tie the wolf up to calm him down. No luck, two ropes Loeding and Dromi gave way to the strength of the wolf ... You'll note that the guys gave little names to the fucking ropes!

    So they ordered a super too powerful rope from Amazon, er no sorry from the dark elves. The latter responded with a shopping list to make the rope:

    • the sound of a cat's feet
    • a woman's beard
    • of bear's sinews
    • from the breath of fish
    • from the saliva of birds

    With this most unlikely list they made Gleipnir! The super rope!

    They managed to tie Fenrir up, impossible to break that rope ... The giant wolf attacks anyone who comes near him. So instead of leaving him alone, the Aesir put swords in his mouth!

    The wolf agonizes and remains in pain until the Ragnarök, when he manages to break free of his bonds to unleash his fury on the world!

    At Odin's Hall we love FENRIR! We've made bracelets representing it and we know you love them.

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