Les Valkyries, Femmes guerrières et divinités de la mythologie nordique

The Valkyries, women warriors and deities of Norse mythology


The Valkyries, these incredible, but also ruthless warriors have become famous. Today through this article, we will try to introduce you to these blonde haired goddesses. Prepare to have some of your fantasies shattered, because there are important distinctions between the popular and modern image of the Valkyries and what is told in Norse mythology.


Luminous Guardian Angels or Bloody Barbarians?

You've started reading and in your mind, you already see pretty blonde women, very feminine, sharp and sexy warriors! So. I'll be nice and we'll start by talking about this"modern" representation.

Illustration Valkyries

Find the illustrators on Pinterest. Left image and right image.

The Valkyries are often described as being in exemplary physical condition, they wear golden armor, they have long blonde hair, they ride winged horses, they carry spears, they are sexy refined! It goes even further, because the Valkyries in this representation are virgins. This is a popular interpretation and easy to show on screen. They are described as guardian angels, which makes sense when you know their mission. However, if we rely on the various writings and documents dealing with Norse mythology. We find a much darker description than that.

First of all, the Valkyries would be a form of extension of Odin. Kind of like his left arm, you know? And, if it wasn't the case, it's anyway one of the two private militias of Odin with on one side the Male Warriors or"The Berserkers" and on the other the Female Warriors"The Valkyries". In this description of the Valkyries, they are much darker, here is a small list that should change your vision :

  • They ride wolves described as"Macabre fighters."
  • They don't have to be blond
  • They were followed by dozens of crows
  • They ate some of the corpses

Is this good? I stop here?

To summarize, here are the two visions of the Valkyries

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