Dans quels films est apparu Thor?

In which movies did Thor appear?



Thor, famous god of Norse mythology, valiant warrior, protector of Asgard and holder of the powerful hammer Mjolnir. Indeed, when you see all the hats he wears, it's not surprising to see him appear in so many films. So we decided to make a list of films and series in which he appears. We'd like to warn you before anything else:

  • These are films, which were sometimes made for the sole purpose of having an inspirational character appear, so the stories may not accurately reflect the stories of Norse mythology
  • We'll summarise all of these films for you, but we promise not to spoil ! Feel free to tell us which ones you had already seen.


We couldn't tell you about Thor without telling you about Marvel's trilogy (soon to be quadrilogy). It is undoubtedly thanks to them that this god of thunder has become such an iconic character in the eyes of the general public !

As said before, beware of the more purist among you, if you venture into these films, you will surely find inconsistencies with the true stories of Norse mythology. We can't blame them, it's thanks to them that our favourite god has become so well known.


Release date : 2011

Length :  1h54

Lead actors :

  • Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
  • Natalie Portman (Jane)
  • Tom Hiddleston (Loki)
  • Anthony Hopkins (Odin)


Now that you've got the main info, let's move on to the summary (guaranteed to be spoiler-free). This is the first film in the quadrilogy, so to give you a good context, we'll start at the beginning (so far so good). It starts in 965, the giants decide to invade the Earth thanks to the chest of ancient winters (a source of enormous power). Odin arrives with his army of gods and manages to push all the giants back into their world, and takes the opportunity to get the chest back. During this battle, he lost his eye as well as many Asgardians.

Many centuries later, a ceremony takes place, during which Thor is supposed to inherit the throne from his father, Odin. This is without counting on the arrival of the giants who are there to retrieve the powerful chest, they fail but Thor's ego gets the better of him, and he decides, accompanied by some friends to go fight the giants in their world to make them pay. The battle was complicated, and it was finally Odin who came to save them all, after forbidding them to go.

Disappointed by his son's behaviour, Odin decides to deprive his son of his powers and exile him to Earth, where he meets Jane. In order to return to Asgard, he will have to show enough dignity in this new world.

Thor : the world of darkness

 Release date : 2013

Length : 1h52

Lead actors :

  • Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
  • Natalie Portman (Jane)
  • Tom Hiddleston (Loki)
  • Anthony Hopkins (Odin)

thor the dark world

Centuries ago, Bor, Odin's father fought relentlessly against the dark elves, major enemies of the Asgardians. The dark elves fought with a super-powerful energy source: Aether. The Asgardians thought they were rid of this threat : the Aether had been hidden in Asgard for years.

As the film unfolds, Loki has been sentenced to life in prison, due to the crimes committed on Earth in the Avengers film. Meanwhile, Thor is still on his quest to pacify the 9 realms. Only, an event is approaching: the 9 realms will be aligned a few days later, creating portals between each realm.

It is Jane, Thor's friend, who stumbles upon a portal and ends up propelled into a new world where she will be possessed by the Aether. Heimdall, who is a god who can watch over all 9 worlds simultaneously, warns Thor that he can't see her anymore and that it's worrying. Thor leaps to Earth, finds Jane and takes her back to Asgard.

Malekith, king of the dark elves, is awakened by the power of the Aether within Jane and attacks Asgard with his army, it is Thor and his friends who will take it upon themselves to repel him.

collection thor

Thor: Ragnarök

Release date : 2017

Length : 2h10

Lead actors :

  • Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
  • Tom Hiddleston (Loki)
  • Cate Blanchett (Hela)
  • Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner / Hulk)

thor ragnarok

We are once again plunged into the unviers of the 9 worlds where we see Thor, locked up in Muspellheim. During his confinement, he talks with his executioner : Surtur, who reveals that Asgard is defenseless since Thor's father, Odin, left it. Thor, in a rage, manages to free himself by taking Surtur's crown with him.

On returning to Asgard, he realises that everything had indeed changed. Heimdall has been replaced by Skurge while Asgard is ruled by Loki. Thor takes his brother to Earth who, with the help of Doctor Strange, goes to find Odin. It is in Norway that the latter is found, in a disused retirement home.

Odin reveals that his time is coming, but that his death would be catastrophic for the Asgardians. His death would lead to the release of Thor and Loki's older sister, Hela, goddess of hell, who also wishes to gain access to the throne of Asgard.

It is precisely during the absence of the 2 gods that Hela takes the opportunity to go to Asgard and devastate everything in her path, killing one by one the warriors opposing her. Thor and Loki are thus forced to fight a merciless battle against their sister in order not to see their world annihilated.

Thor: Love and Thunder (coming soon)

Release date : 2022

Length : 2h10

Lead actors :

  • Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
  • Natalie portman (Jane)
  • Christian Bale (Gorr the God)
  • Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie)

thor love and thunder

The 4th film in this series about the Thor universe, at the time of writing this article, the film has not been released yet and we have very little info about it, we'll still try to summarize everything right here.

The director, Taika Waititi, has announced that this latest film will be based on the Thor comics (Mighty Thor). It will see Jane, the woman Thor met on Earth take on Thor's appearance, thus creating the female version of the goddess of thunder.

A hint was left  at Comic-con (a comic book festival), the actress appeared with Mjolnir, Thor's famous hammer.

We know, it's short, but it's all we've got, but since we're being nice we've found you a teaser anyway, so get your popcorn !


Release date : 2011

Length : 1h32

Lead actors :

  • Cody Deal (Thor)
  • Richard Grieco (Loki)
  • Patricia Velásquez(Járnsaxa)
  • Kevin Nash(Odin)

almighty thor

Almichty Thor (meaning Thor the Almighty) is a mockbuster (i.e. a low-budget film intended to copy a big-budget film) of Thor. It sees the god Loki destroy the fortress of Valhalla to steal Thor's hammer. The latter must then fight a merciless battle against his brother so that he does not cause Ragnarök and destroy the Tree of Life.


Release date : 2020

Duration : 1h44

Lead actors :

  • Nat Wolff (Eric)
  • Iben Akerlie(Christine)
  • Priyanka Bose(Hathaway)
  • Arthur Hakalahti(Ole)


Eric, a young Norwegian-American man loses consciousness in a Norwegian forest. When he wakes up, and after having to steal some medicine to survive, he is provoked by a gang of teenagers. Suddenly, powers come to him and he accidentally kills one of them.

He is questioned by the police and immediately cooperates with them, confessing to his crime and explaining to them that his powers are out of control. He is therefore sedated and extradited to America. When he wakes up in the helicopter, it crashes. Eric takes the opportunity to escape and finds help from a small town sheriff. After explaining his problem to him, the sheriff quickly makes the connection to Norse mythology and suspects that his powers are similar to Thor's.

necklace thor


Release date : 2020

Duration : 1h27

Distribution :

  • Justin Gregg : Thor
  • Paul Tylak : the Crusher (Thor's hammer)
  • Nicola Coughlan : Edda
  • Liz Lloyd : Hel

thor and the legends of valhalla

This cartoon follows the adventure of a young blacksmith named Thor, living in a small village and living a peaceful life. An old legend says that he is the son of Odin. All the villagers thought they were safe from the giants, believing that they would never attack a village where Odin's son resides.

But it is Hel, the goddess of the underworld, who one morning attacks Thor's village accompanied by the giants. Thor decides to go and save his friends with the help of his " crushing hammer ", a magical weapon.


Release date : 2011

Duration : 1h40

Lead actors :

  • Jonas Hämmerle (Vic)
  • Waldemar Kobus(Halvar)
  • Valeria Eisenbart(Svenja)
  • Nic Romm(Tjure)

vic the viking 2

This is the logical sequel to Vic the Viking, we only want to tell you about 2 because the first one is not about Thor.

Halvar, Vic's father, wishes to see his son become a valiant warrior like himself, his young age prevents him from doing so, until one day the tribe's chief is kidnapped by Sven the terrible. It is therefore up to Vic to become the tribe's representative. So Vic takes his men on a mission to free his father and find Thor's hammer.


Release date : 2013

Length : 1h54

Lead actors :

  • Dominic Purcell(Eirick, the baron)
  • Natassia Malthe(Brynna)
  • Conan Stevens (Thor)
  • Jon Foo (Yang)


To avoid the blood eclipse, Thor must open the gates of Valhalla. To do this he must gather three magical items  his hammer being in Valhalla, the Mary Magdalene necklace which is in Midgard and Odin's horn which is in Helheim.

Thor will therefore, accompanied by his Viking army, set out to conquer the magical objects in order to save the world.

RAGNAROK (series)

Release date : 2020

Lead actors :

  • David Stakston(Magne / Thor)
  • Jonas Strand Gravli(Laurits)
  • Herman Tømmeraas(Fjor)
  • Theresa Frostad Eggesbø(Saxa)


This recently produced Netflix series follows the story of a young man, Magne, who moves to a new town in Norway : Edda. This town has been controlled for generations by the Jutul family, who have made their fortune in the oil industry.

Magne will, at his new school, meet Isolde who is committed to showing the general public the environmentally devastating actions the Jutul's are taking to control this town. Magne takes sides and joins Isolde in his fight. At the same time, he discovers that his strength, eyesight, and athletic abilities have greatly increased, breaking all world records in a matter of days. At the same time, he discovers that his strength, eyesight, and athletic abilities have greatly increased, breaking all world records in a matter of days.

During his adventure, Magne will realize that he can also control thunder and that his rival family also has superhuman powers...

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