• The creatures of Norse mythology

    Nordic mythology is a fascinating world, filled with gods, incredible stories, legends but most of all creatures. And for sure, without these creatures the Nordic mythology would not have been as exciting as it is today. These creatures take different forms, quite often that of an animal. Each of them has its own history and own legends. Some fought on the side of the...
  • Nordic Mythology

    Nordic Mythology
    Nordic mythology is both fascinating and full of mystery, but we don't necessarily know how to approach it. How do you sort out the real from the fake? Popular legends and reality? Today we're tackling a big one, an extremely comprehensive article to tell you about Nordic mythology as a whole. A big challenge for us, as we usually deal with the subjects one...
  • The history of the Vikings

    The Vikings correspond to the Scandinavian population of the thirteenth to eleventh centuries. They were traders, plunderers and explorers who made a sacred mess of the European lands. They were indeed fans of the wealth possessed by weak kingdoms. Today, the vikings have left us a legacy far better than mere plunder, we find names, customs, unique cultures and a savoir faire that marked...
  • Ouroboros, symbol of the eternal

    Today we are going to talk about a very popular symbol in Viking culture, the legendary "Ouroboros". When the Ouroboros is depicted, it is a dragon or snake biting its own tail, often drawing a circle. The word "Ouroboros" means "biting its own tail". In the Nordic Mythology, we find a lot of stories and legends talking about Giant snake like Jörmungand the son...
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