Comment trouver Mjolnir dans Fortnite?

How to find Mjolnir in Fortnite?



Epicgames has declared it with its various trailers, Marvel invites itself within Fortnite. A theme is therefore established around each superhero, Thor seems to be the main one.

When you put on the Thor skin, you'll unlock the awakening challenges, and when you complete them, you'll unlock a special ability. At level 8, you'll come into contact with Mjolnir with the challenge titled: "Prove your bravery by picking up Mjolnir as Thor". Super simple when you follow our guide!

Step One: Find Mjolnir

Before you can do this step, you'll need to perform a very simple task: dress up as Thor. The skin is easy to get: it is unlocked at level 1 of the battle pass.

ou se trouve mjolnir fortnite

Once it's done, head north of Weeping Woods to find Thor's hammer. It's impossible to miss it: as in the legend, the hammer has left a huge crater around it. Mjolnir is at its center.

Step 2: Pick up Mjolnir

Super simple, you place yourself in front of the hammer, still wearing your Thor skin, and you hold down the action key.

mjolnir fortnite

That's it, you're done. This action will replace your pickaxe or any other tool with the hammer and you will be able to collect resources with it. Exit your game and go back to the lobby to get your reward.

We are now waiting for new updates from Epic Games, who knows, maybe soon the Captain America shield.

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