Comment Captain America a été capable de soulever Mjolnir?

How was Captain America able to lift Mjolnir?


Avengers tells the story of several superheroes, saving the world on multiple occasions from various threats (often, if not always, irrational compared to our reality). In the third installment, Avengers: Endgame, their goal is to defeat Thanos who, by recovering the 6 Infinity Stones, will be able to eradicate 50% dof the population with a snap of his fingers (we warned you).

This movie, like all the Avengers, worked very well and pleased the public, but a question has raised a lot of internet users: during a fight, Captain America, to help Thor throws his hammer: Mjolnir. However, if you know anything about the universe of Norse mythology or the Avengers, you know that Mjolnir can only be carried by the god of thunder.


In Norse mythology, Mjolnir is a magical hammer made by the dwarves of Nidavellir, at the request of Loki (Thor's brother). When Loki gave Thor his hammer, Odin (their father) cast an enchantment to give Mjolnir a lot of power. Among these powers we find among others:

  • The control of lightning and storms
  • Return to its owner when cast
  • The creation of dimensional portals allowing to travel in the 9 worlds


Added to that, a very important rule (especially to answer the question)

"Whoever carries this hammer, if worthy enough, will possess the powers of Thor"

This rule speaks for itself: only someone worthy enough will be able to wield Thor's hammer and control it to its full potential. Yes, Marvel did follow all these rules: the hammer has already aroused the curiosity of people who tried to lift it: we see it in Thor 1 when SHIELD investigates this hammer.

collection mjolnir


If you've read this far, you'll have understood: Captain America is not supposed to be able to wear Mjolnir, he had already tried in the past, without success.

So how could he become worthy and wear Mjolnir?

The smartest of you will have understood. In Civil War, we learn that Captain America has been keeping a secret for years: it was Bucky, his childhood friend who killed Tony Stark's father (Iron Man). Indeed, Bucky was at the time under the influence of Hydra and had to, because of an injected serum, obey to the finger and eye. Steve Rogers was aware of this secret, but always kept it to himself in order not to create tension in the group.

captain america

It is therefore certainly this secret that did not make him worthy enough to carry Thor's hammer. This theory is confirmed since, in Civil War, Captain reveals to the gang that his friend killed Tony Stark's father. This revelation actually created a lot of tension in the group and divided them.

According to our theory, the revelation of this secret would have made Captain America quite worthy, since in the sequel of the movies, he was able to wear Mjolnir to save Thor from Thanos.

For the geeky among you, find out how to find Mjolnir in Fortnite. You know, the not-so-famous game from Epic Games.

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