Viking Rune of Protection


The Scandinavian people used a runic alphabet for their communication, this alphabet is called "Futhark". Beyond the practical side of an alphabet, the Futhark is known to have many meanings. Indeed, in Nordic mythology, runes are given to men by the gods, and they connect men to the cosmos and the divine.

The Vikings gave each rune a meaning and a power. In this article, we will talk about the runes bringing protection to an individual or a place. Among the 24 runes of the Futhark, we will talk about the third "Thurisaz" and the fifteenth "Algiz".

The Viking Rune of Protection Thurisaz

Thurisaz is the third letter/rune of the Futhark, in appearance it looks a bit like a p, here it is"ᚦ".

rune de protection thurisaz

It is granted a virtue of protector, as its shape inspires the thorn of a bramble or a rose. This resemblance makes us understand that we are talking about an aggressive protection, this rune is not a shield, but a counter attack.

This is why it is compared to aggressive animals like the scorpion. We will not develop this here, but the runes are attached to symbols like animals, stones or astrological signs. In the case of the rune Thurisaz for example, it is said that its protective power increases tenfold in the presence of hematite or red jasper.

In our modern civilizations, Viking runes are less present, but are coming back to the forefront. We can for example already note that the form of the rune Thurisaz is still present in the Irish alphabet. Just like Latin, Old Norse or Futhark is the origin of many Viking languages.

The interest for the Nordic mythology because of the numerous fictions around this theme, had for consequence to bring back people to wonder which are the powers of the Viking runes, and we find again runes on jewels or tattoos for example.

To come back more specifically to Thurisaz, it is said to evoke a creative and masculine energy. She embodies both defence and attack, while imposing attack as a means of protection. It is also said that it comes before major changes and accompanies its bearer in painful transitions until it takes him to his destination.

What the rune Thurisaz expresses to us "Do not back down in front of obstacles, prepare yourself well before committing yourself and take the blows"

There is a second rune embodying protection..

The Viking Rune of Protection Algiz

Algiz is the fifteenth letter/rune of the Futhark, in appearance it looks like a trident, here it is"ᛉ".

rune de protection algiz

It is granted a protective virtue as well, except that this one is more on the spiritual plane. It is part of the runes that are said to be magical and is therefore much used in divination. It drives out negative energies and thoughts.

Contrary to the Thurisaz which takes us more towards personal development, Algiz speaks of divine protection, instantaneous and effective a little like a guardian angel. This rune is for example also called "Odin's Spear", embodying the precision and power to destroy the bad things that may be on your way.

Divination and shamanism were very present in the Viking culture, so magical runes were very important and just as important as the more rational runes.

Wearing the runes of protection

That's it, you know the Viking runes of protection, you can now try to add them to your life if you feel they will help you. To do this, you can make tattoos or paint them in your house. You can also wear clothes or jewelry with these Viking symbols.

We'll let you get on your ship and continue browsing our website to discover more stories from the Nordic mythology.

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