• Viking Rune of Protection

    The Scandinavian people used a runic alphabet for their communication, this alphabet is called "Futhark". Beyond the practical side of an alphabet, the Futhark is known to have many meanings. Indeed, in Nordic mythology, runes are given to men by the gods, and they connect men to the cosmos and the divine. The Vikings gave each rune a meaning and a power. In this...
  • What language do the Vikings speak?

    What language do the Vikings speak?
    It is true that the question deserves to be asked, what language do the Vikings speak? Today the viking culture culture is coming back to the forefront, there are series, movies, accessories, fan sites (Odin's Hall oops) that talk about and feature these great Scandinavian hunks that we call Vikings. However, in this set of contents for obvious reasons, all this little world often...
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